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Fun Facts About Tigers
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Tigers are amazing creatures. Powerful, cunning, and visually stunning, these massive predators have a variety of fascinating qualities. From the sounds they make to the stripes on their fur, tigers are absolutely captivating creatures. But despite how often they are referenced in TV shows and movies, most people don’t know a lot about them. Want to learn more about these majestic big cats? Check out some of our favorite fun facts about tigers below!

#1 Tigers Are the Biggest Cats in the World.

Tigers are the largest of the “big cats,” making them — literally — the biggest cats in the world. (Yes, they’re even bigger than lions and jaguars!) Adults of some species can weigh up to 800 lbs (that’s about 363 kg) and measure over 10 ft long (around 3.3 m).

#2 Tigers Have Been Around for 2 Million Years.

Tigers are a lot more ancient than you might think. In fact, they have been around for approximately 2 million years! Today, they are considered an endangered species. There are only about a few thousand of them left in the wild. The vast majority of the world’s wild tigers live in India. There is also a very small population of Siberian tigers — around 450 — left in their home range of eastern Russia and northeastern China.

#3 Tigers Can Jump Up to 20 Feet.

Tigers can jump an impressive distance of 18 – 20 feet. This is particularly impressive because tigers are such large, heavy animals.

#4 Tigers Are Strong Swimmers.

Tigers are strong swimmers and do not avoid water like some other cats do. In fact, tigers have been observed swimming in the wild. In particular, tigers living in the Sundarbans are regularly seen swimming from island to island.

#5 Tigers Can’t Purr.

Tigers — like other big cats — can’t purr. However, they can roar, bellow, grunt, and chuff. Tigers are also known to use scent marking as another form of communication.


#6 A Tiger’s Stripes Are Truly Unique.

Each tiger has their own unique stripe pattern. Conservation scientists who study tigers in the wild can even identify individual animals using the one-of-a-kind stripes on their fur!

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